Clone Torso

Clone will leverage its musculoskeletal technology to scale the anthropomorphic hand design to make an entire human torso. The Clone Torso will possess a rigid spine, actuated neck and two fully actuated arms from shoulder to fingertips.

Clone is accepting pre-orders for both the (beta) Clone Hand and the Clone Torso.

Designed for natural skeleton

RPi 4B in skull

high-level control

RPi 4B in skull

Clone Torso is equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4. It can be connected to the network and controlled by a high-level software.

RPi 4B in skullhigh-level control
Circulatory systemMonolythic and flexible
Flexible water containerStores 2L of water
Safety by-pass
Electrohydraulic BLDC pump500W of power
Screenbasic information
Clone armPrecise manipulator
FunnelTo drink water
Electro hydraulic valvesone lung for one arm
Hydraulic accumulator
Abdomenfor electric batteries
Motor controllerfor pressure adjustments
Torso Design Overview